Services we provide

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CAD/CAM Design

Asian Industries provides various CAD/CAM Design services. It includes 2D Drafting, CAD Modeling, CAD Conversion and Reverse Engineering. We wanted to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the designs in addition to providing the services at a lower cost compared to what they could get elsewhere.

We have staff who are skilled and is knowledgeable in all areas of the design process. We train our members to provide the best service possible. We provide the following services.

2D Drafting: We offer 2D Drafting Services in the Mechanical field. Our Engineers have good understanding of the requirements. You can seamlessly integrate our designs in your existing framework. We deliver 2D Drafting services that are accurate and cost-effective.

CAD Modeling: We have engineers who are experienced in CAD Modeling using SOLIDWORKS. We perform Casting Modeling, Solid Modeling, Surface Modeling, Assembly Modeling, Sheet Metal Modeling and Bill of Materials. Our Cad Modeling services are efficient and cost-effective.

CAD Conversion: We offer best in class CAD conversion services. We provide CAD conversion for paper, PDF, and scan-based drawings. We perform re-drafting manually and ensure that the drawings are accurate and easy to read.

Reverse Engineering: We provide Reverse Engineering of parts. We evaluate the specifications from the customer and then provide the parts model.

Product Manufacturing

Product manufacturing is one of our strengths. We have skilled and un-skilled technicians to take care of the manufacturing process. We train them our manufacturing process, so that we produce the products quickly. We procure the raw materials and start manufacturing the mechanical designs. We provide the following services.

Make-to-Order: We wait until we receive orders. Only then we start the manufacturing process.

Make-to-Assemble: We produce component parts in anticipation of orders for assembly.

We have quality control in place to ensure that our products are of good quality.

CNC Machining

CNC Machining is a computerized manufacturing process in which pre-programmed software and code controls the movement of production equipment. We use CAM software like SOLIDCAM and MASTERCAM. We offer the following services.

Turning: A manufacturing process that involves holding materials and rotating them, to remove material until desired shape is achieved.

Drilling: A manufacturing process in which the workpiece does not move. The cutter rotates and removes material to get holes.

Boring: A manufacturing process used to enlarge already drilled holes.

Facing: A manufacturing process that removes the material by rotating the facing tool in the counter-clockwise direction as the table feeds the work piece across the cutter.

Reaming: A manufacturing process in which already drilled holes are enlarged.

Tapping: A manufacturing process used to thread holes.